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Intercontinental Dubai, Day Pass

At the beginning of the year I read from a lot of friends and other people, that 2016 was a bad year for them. Everyone was looking forward to a new year and a better one at that.  There were some hard points and some great times as well. It did not leave me with the feeling that the year was a bust and “thank goodness for a new year”. However, 2017 has been one horrible year so far. 2016 ended difficultly and 2017 just brought on way more than I am willing to put up with happily. I do try to remember that there have been some nice moments this year as well to this point (Dubai Parks and Resorts, plus a few things I’ve not mentioned on the blog).

In the last month and a half things have slowly moved back into the “happy zone” meaning there are more good days than bad days. My husband was out-of-town for three weeks – for a funeral + work. Being on my own for that time with little ones all day every day was really hard and I am grateful to have my husband back. This is just one example of what was hard and getting me down so far this year.

When each day seems to drag by and bring not much besides hardship and trial it can be difficult to break out of the pattern. Plus, being a mom is a lot of work as many of you know and experience each day. We moms just need some r&r from time to time!

I got to have some of that chill time I’ve been needing so badly. Just me (plus a friend), no kids, no housework. A good time that put a smile on my face. I spent my “Mommy time” at the Intercontinental Hotel, Dubai.  Honestly, this was not completely intentional. I won a day pass + bonus for 2 through a contest on Facebook, hosted by FoodeMag dxb. I am not one to pass on freebies so I made sure to book my time and my husband even worked from home that day to watch the kids (I knew I married him for a good reason).

My youngest was awake at odd hours of the night, wailing from teething so I was worn out this day and it couldn’t have been on a more needed date. Parking is Valet only, but that is not a problem if you are using their facilities and get parking validated. We went in and were directed towards the elevators leading to the gym and pool areas. The day pass included all day gym + pool access (facilities also have sauna and steam rooms), as well as lunch, 20% off at the pool bar, and 100aed each for use at their spa. I made sure to use as much of the facilities I had access to as possible!

I have not been visiting the gym like I should so I made certain to get in at least an hour workout. I am still feeling it days later!! Ouch. The gym is for both men and women to use. Plenty of weight training machines to choose from, free weights, and cardio options. All equipment was in good shape and working condition. The attendant provided me with water and a towel and he was friendly and helpful.

The pool was so nice and refreshing in the heat. It was a nice cool temperature but not chilly, lots of towels available and shade should you desire it. Around Noon it was really warm and you’d easily sweat but by 3:30pm the breeze was nice and the heat had subsided. There is a small section of thick glass where you can look through to the pavement far below. I did not get around to using the sauna or steam room, with warmer temperatures outside I don’t see the point in spending time in these rooms. The spa however, I did take advantage of just a tad bit. The voucher was not enough to cover an entire service, which there are plenty of options to choose from. They are pricey though, ranging from a manicure of 180aed to 1,000+aed for full body treatments. I opted for a “neck, back, shoulders” 30min massage, why not since I don’t get to do this kind of thing very often! The masseur was competent in her knowing  of where to press and rub on my back (and I did want a firm massage) but unfortunately her technique was slide over the top of the knots and muscles instead of rub along them to release tension. Sliding over the top can be painful, so it was disappointing that she did know how to do a firm massage at the same time as being gentle. I DID enjoy my spa time though, I really did need a massage albeit that was not the best I have ever had. The spa facilities were very clean, relaxing, lovely, and pleasant. Great women working in there!

Lunch was at Zaytoun Restaurant at the Crowne Plaza Hotel which is connected to Intercontinental through some steps by the pools. The food was simple and delicious, I thoroughly enjoyed eating there. The soups were Chorizo, and tomato. The salads were fresh and light. The main courses were delectable – Mushroom Rissoto and Seared Tuna on a bed of veggies.

I can’t wait for the next “Mommy time” to experience more of what there is available in Dubai.

The views and opinions I express are my own and do not reflect the services and care you may experience on your own at these locations. You can see photos and videos from this post and others shared on my instagram account MormonMomAbout.


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