Winner Winner!

Contests, promotions, giveaways. Have you ever participated  in any in your home country? In Dubai? I am no stranger to submitting my information and sharing FB posts for the chance to win a vacation to the Maldives or even a simple bottle of shampoo. I am also not a stranger to reading a different name as the winner time after time. I never won anything back in my home country. Dubai on the other hand, I have found a place where I can really be lucky.

If you are going to live in Dubai and you don’t have a giant budget (ie. you don’t live in downtown Dubai or on the Palm) then you should be all over FB and Instagram entering the numerous amount of contests available. Cosmetics, lifestyle, dinning, cars, electronics, appliances, shopping vouchers, food, and on and on. There are so many things up for grabs!

Where my budget falls short for certain things, the spaces are potentially filled by contest winnings.

Example: McDonaldsUAE held a contest recently (and still running for perhaps a few more days) where you would buy a red balls with a Happy Meal and share photos of your child playing with the ball on Instagram. I participated and won along with 9 other winners each week. The prize was 4 free tickets to Legoland, Dubai. My family was able to visit completely free. We did pay for drinks and food inside the park though. (This recent trip to Legoland is separate from the trip we took earlier this year. We also had a MUCH better trip this time around. You can view photos on my Instagram.)

I enter contests on FB, Instagram, and also websites like ComopolitanME,, TimeOutDubai, etc. FB and Instagram are pretty simple, follow the page, like the post, share it, and comment on the post while tagging a few friends. Very easy. These tend to be basic and not very spammy, if there is a page that clogs up your feed then you can unfollow their posts while still participating in their contests. On Instagram you can generally find a few habitual contest entrants and if you look at their page from time to time you will find plenty of contests just from watching a few people. It’s pretty simple to find them through a search of #contestdubai #giveaway and similar type wording.

I don’t want to boast but I have been lucky in the last two months of entering contests. If you are a legal resident in the UAE then you are eligible to enter contests here and I highly suggest that you do. There are things I have been able to try (product/service/entertainment) that I would probably not get to if I did not win it in a contest.

Beware contests that ask for anything too personal! Anything more than your name, address, email, and phone number are fishy. Address is average since a lot of companies will ship the prize to you, some are emailed, and others you call to arrange pick-up.

I check previous contests with a page to see if they announced a winner. If there is complaint of a contest never selecting a winner or if contests magically disappear before the completion date then they are likely spam. A contest that lasts for 1month is also likely spam, most people will forget about the contest and the company has gained many likes and follows on their feed.

Any questions? Feel free to ask! I am a bit of an addict at entering giveaways now and I will surely continue to try my luck while living in the UAE.


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