Do I Feel Safe in Dubai?

One of the most frequent questions I get from people back home is, “Is it safe in Dubai?”

Yes, the world has bad people and they are doing bad things. There are wars and threats of danger and a lot of scary stuff going on in different places.

What people mean when they ask me if Dubai is safe is, are there terrorist threats in  Dubai? Aren’t there terrorist Muslims living all throughout United Arab Emirates? Aren’t you afraid you will be kidnapped and tortured? Do people treat you different for not being Muslim? On, and on, and on, and on….

These questions and worries come from a place of ignorance, of not understanding the United Arab Emirates and where it stands in today’s society.

I asked my husband before we moved here, is it a decent place to live and is it relatively safe? I knew nothing about the area but my husband did. I think I would ask pretty much the same thing of any place.

So after nearly two years living here, do I feel safe in Dubai? (Please remember that these are my ow opinions and experiences and don’t represent everyone here or what others may experience) Yes. I do feel safe in Dubai. I still worry about my kids being out of sight, I worry about leaving my purse unattended, etc.

I do not worry about living in a country with many Muslims. I have come in contact with more kind and generous people in UAE than I think I have back home – random strangers just passing by. You want to know what Dubai thinks of Christians? They put up Christmas decorations all over the place! There are “churches” for Christians to meet and worship in. When I am out with my family, people love to pat the little blond kids heads (Maybe for luck??). Candies have been given to my children. If my child looks like they are going to fall and get hurt, man or woman, if someone is closer to my kid than me they will reach over and keep my kid from doing something dumb. Other women very gently and kindly try to offer a kind word or a helping hand if it seems I am in need when I am alone with my three rowdy children.

I walk to the market in the evenings. Alone. In the dark. Across an expanse of parking and sand. I feel safe to do so. I am not so worried about being mugged.

Dubai may be part of the “Middle East” but it is not a war zone. Did you know that Dubai does not house refugees from Syria? That they have banned people from certain areas that may be know to have a more violent history? They do their best to keep Dubai on the map as a safe location to travel to for vacations, shopping, etc. Here is the review for Dubai, it’s better than Miami, Fl I can say that much.

Not everyone gets treated equally here, the system is decidedly for or against you based on your country of origin (an argument I will steer clear of for now). Dubai is not perfect for everyone sadly. However, as a white, christian woman, I feel safe.

Dubai is just another city with lots of tall buildings. Lots of people going to work. Many families. Many singles. Many religions. Men. Women. Children. Schools. Markets. Beaches. Theme Parks. Restaurants. Entertainment. We don’t need to be afraid or hate something or someone simply because we don’t understand it/them or because how someone else does something is not how WE like to do it. Different isn’t bad. Different can be good, but mostly different is just different.

I ♥ Dubai


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