The Things I’ll Miss

I took a trip to Utah a little while back now and let me just say . . . I kinda missed some things from Dubai while we were away. Like, I missed those things A LOT. And with the ever impending doom of leaving Dubai lurking around any corner (Because, seriously, we all never know how long we will be here for) I am starting to notice the small stuff and I want to savor it all. Who knows how long it will last!

♥  The first subtle thing that we realized we would have to do differently was to throw away our own garbage in food courts. We are so pampered sometimes, I know. Here in Dubai you do NOT throw your garbage away and clean up your table after you finish eating at the malls. You leave it alone and one of the attendants that is paid to just clean the food court will come by to throw it away, sweep, wipe down, and tidy up where you were sitting. Making it all nice for the next customer. Not in the USA. Nope! You are considered rude if you don’t clean up after yourself. So when our kids made a mess we sighed a sad sigh and wiped it up. So sad.

♥ Driving. Don’t get me wrong! The drivers in Dubai are freakin’ crazy and there’s often 4 lanes of cars on a 3 lane road. Horn honking abounds. But, no one gets offended at the slightest thing. In Utah, you can’t flash your lights or honk your horn without someone getting super mad. Sheesh. And for the love of all that is good, dumb dumbs, move out of the left lane if you are not passing people. Utah drivers get in whatever random lane they want, pick a random speed, then just sit there in that lane and block up traffic. Don’t bother flashing your lights at the slow guy in the left or express lanes, they will slow down to “teach you a lesson”. SO incredibly frustrating. Dubai drivers, I love that you will move over for a faster car, it’s an amazing thing.

♥ Grocery stores at the bottom of (almost)every building. I wish Utah had had a corner market on every street. Seriously, I love being able to just go downstairs and buy milk and bread whenever I need it. Not Utah, and probably anywhere that doesn’t have a ton of skyscrapers. Nope, put on your full winter gear and get in the car to go a few blocks or farther to get that milk. Sucker.

♥ Malls. It really is a one stop shop when you go to the mall. I can let the kids play, get something to eat, buy some retail, and get my groceries, and even see a movie, all in one place. I will certainly miss this because I have not had anything quite like it. Close but not entirely. My children are going to be incredibly disappointed.

♥ Sales! Some things may cost more in Dubai but honestly, you can still get it at a better price here than your home country. There are huge sales multiple times a year and I am done buying super cheap crap . . . I will be so broke when I don’t have access to these deals anymore. Sad.

♥ Lower crime rates. Walking to the market at night for me is very easy and I am comfortable to do it alone. My kids have been held by complete strangers, have been walked away to get a private tour of restaurant kitchens, and they run free at parks. You can’t do everything from Dubai somewhere else. I am not looking forward to worrying about my car being broken into.

♥ Spaces and places for just women and children. I love that there are places for just me and my children and no men to stare or be in the way. Honestly it’s nice to know I can be around other women (and the women here are so kind, generous, caring, and helpful. They know it’s hard with kids and they stick out for one another more than I have ever seen in the USA). The atmosphere of caring and support for each other in the female community is fantastic. Maybe I need a separate post?

♥ Free home delivery of anything and everything. Ran out of milk, “Hi, nearest market, bring me a gallon on milk and a galaxy chocolate bar? One hour sounds great, thanks.” “Laundry pickup? Thanks, see you in 20min…..see you in 1 day when it’s all washed and ironed.”

♥ The food! Iftar. Brunch. Enough said. (And brunch in Dubai is not the same as “your” brunch)

♥ The people. The dear and lovely people from church who are like a second family to us (especially all the Filipino women who are like a second mother to my youngest). The numerous sweet individuals who have lent a helping hand or given a treat to my children (strangers). The Afghani family next door who are always SO sweet and bring candies for my kids. The kind people at my husbands work. There are so many nice people here, walking around in Utah I felt like people were so rude and wished I were back in Dubai! I am going to miss this.

(Is this a list of why I wouldn’t want to move to Utah?? lol No, there are other reasons I don’t want to live there!!) A corresponding “Things I will not miss” will be posted next week.

Honestly there are many more things that I will miss!! And I am sure that whenever I have moved on to another locale I will whine in maybe every post about the things that I am craving for or mourning the loss of. I need to find the perfect place with all my favorite things put together. Like that will ever happen!


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