The Things I Will Not Miss, Sorry Dubai

I have come to love Dubai. I don’t want to pack everything up and move on (Maybe because I don’t want to pack and move with 3 children across the world….that 14hr flight is h*ll). Who knows when I will have to relocate, but we all know that our times will come. It’s in the nature of Dubai, everyone is coming and going. Did you know that you cannot retire here unless you are a citizen?

One day my time will come and I will have to move on from this crazy, beautiful, unique, frustrating, oasis of the Middle East.

I will miss so many things – Which I have mentioned in a previous post. Dubai has become a second home for sure.

There are certainly things that I will NOT miss as well.

⊗ Traffic. Oh, my goodness. Everyone is going to Dubai in the AM and it’s all coming out by 1pm. Even the back streets get congested and forget about any side street in the evenings on the weekend.

⊗ Poor quality of groceries. The fruits and veggies are often of poor quality. Meat and Chicken as well are not amazing. Just think how long it took for the products to get from the starting point to the market counter. (If you want consistent fair quality – shop Spinneys or Choithrams!)

⊗ Weevils. Because I equate weevils to my poor days growing up and we had bugs in our food and nothing to do about it. I can afford good rice now but can I please not have bugs in it! (I’m aware I might find contaminated product in another country. *sigh*)

⊗ The HEAT! I think this one is self explanatory.

⊗ The sandy air. Air quality is very poor at times and coughing and sore throat has become normal.

⊗ Ridiculous high rent prices and education fees!

⊗ My small household appliances. The washer/dryer combo is really not my favorite and it’s SO small. My fridge is kinda cramped too. What can say, I have been spoiled in the past.

⊗ Etisalat!!! lol (phone provider)

There’s a chance I will look back at these things with nostalgia, I may have worse options in the future! And there are plenty of other things that I can add to the list. For now I will dream of large industrial appliances, breezy traffic, moderate temperatures, lower rent, etc. etc.


2 thoughts on “The Things I Will Not Miss, Sorry Dubai

  1. Ohh.. i feel you :). Surely I will do this list when my time will come to leave this city. (and for sure it’ll be longer than your list). The house rent prices are insane (totally i agree!), most esp. the commercial space. The quality of air -YES! (we even bought humidifiers & dehumidifiers home)..

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